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Gothic Miniatures

Fun Halloween Owls and Stars Loveseat - 1:12 Scale

Fun Halloween Owls and Stars Loveseat - 1:12 Scale

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This 1:12 scale loveseat beckons with an enchanting allure. Wrapped in luxurious cotton fabric, its cushions whisper of midnight mysteries and whispered incantations. The wood frame, kissed by the moonlight, boasts a distressed finish that speaks of ancient enchantments and whispered secrets.

With an aura of gothic elegance, this loveseat transcends the ordinary, casting a spell of enchantment upon all who dare to behold it. Whether nestled in a shadowy alcove or standing as a sentinel of darkness in a miniature Halloween scene, this loveseat invites you to embrace the magic of the night and indulge in the allure of the supernatural.

Scale: 1:12 Scale


Height: 80mm 

Width: 135mm

Depth: 70mm

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